Sperm Transport and Capacitation (Sperm in the Fallopian tubes within 5 minutes of ejaculation)

Sperm Transport and Capacitation.png

Glob. libr. women's med.,
(ISSN: 1756-2228) 2008; DOI 10.3843/GLOWM.10316

Brannigan, R, Lipshultz, L


It is well understood that a myriad of complex steps occur between the time of ejaculation and the union of the haploid number of chromosomes from each partner that results in the final process of fertilization. Consequently, it is easy to imagine the numerous potential problems that can occur at each step, and thus may prevent a successful pregnancy. Often overlooked are the complexities of sperm transport and the steps that must occur in the sperm, a process known as capacitation, before fertilization can occur. These processes of sperm delivery and potentiation are addressed in detail in this chapter.

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