We empower FertilityCare™ professionals to get the word out.

About By Its Fruit

We want to help more people hear about FertilityCare™.

This project began in 2015 as "Spice Rabbit" by Brian Whittaker and his wife Dr. Naomi Whittaker to give FertilityCare™ professionals the tools to create awareness about Creighton Model System and NaProTechnology®.

We started this project because we saw the need. FertilityCare™ Practitioners struggle to fill their schedule with clients – and clients too often ask the question, "Why have I never heard about this before?"

To address these needs, we do 3 things:

  • teach FertilityCare™ Practitioners and Medical Consultants how to get the word out via our blog, strategy session phone calls, private Facebook group, and online courses
  • improve access to the latest articles and research related to NaProTechnology®, Natural Family Planning, Restorative Reproductive Medicine, and Conscience in Medicine
  • help FertilityCare™ Practitioners and Medical Consultants reach more people via done-for-you marketing services.
The Whittaker Family (left to right: Lucas, Naomi, John Paul, Brian, and Cecilia)

The Whittaker Family
(left to right: Lucas, Naomi, John Paul, Brian, and Cecilia)


You may have seen us

We were at the 2016 and 2017 AAFCP Annual Meetings

Since 2015 we have worked one on one with over one hundred FertilityCare™ professionals in the United States and around the world.

We made our first public appearance as a vendor during the 2016 AAFCP Annual Meeting in Notre Dame, Indiana. One year later, Brian was speaking at the 2017 Annual Meeting in Grapevine, Texas.

We're grateful to have had many opportunities to work with FertilityCare™ professionals and we're always interested in speaking to Practitioners and Medical Consultants one on one.

In the past we have been invited to speak at multiple venues, built a handful of FertilityCare websites, designed logos, business cards, flyers, pamphlets, ebooks, answered questions on Facebook Live videos, and started a private Facebook group.

We are most well known for our ebook, 9 Facts About NaPro for Those Struggling with Infertility, which was created to give a 5 minute overview of NaProTechnology. Within 2 weeks of its release, the ebook reached 6 continents and has since been downloaded thousands of times.

Our Team

We've partnered with industry leaders in FertilityCare™ to provide the highest quality content and advice.


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